Service Price per year. Price, per year, VAT included Comment
DNS, one domain, manual updates 60:- 75:- Includes 3 updates per year. From Spring 2010, to include DNSSEC.
DNS, two or more domains, manual updates 50:- per domain 62,50 per domain From Spring 2010, to include DNSSEC.
DNS, slave service (customer provides master), one domain 50:- 62,50:- DNSSEC is included
DNS, slave service (customer provides master), two or more domains 40:- per domain 50:- per domain DNSSEC is included
DNSSEC master service, including updates and key management, one domain, manual updates. 400:- 500:- Not orderable anymore
TSIG setup for slave service, per master server 80:- 100:-
TSIG updates rebate for master service 10 percent N/A Not applicable to DNSSEC master service.
Many-updates surcharge for manual update service 50:- 62,50 Gives 3 additional updates under the remains of present invoice period.

Terms and conditions

All prices exclude VAT unless specified and are in SEK. Payment via invoice. VAT registered in Sweden. We set up service immediately, then send an invoice to be paid in 30 days.

As most work related to this service is performed at setup, there is no refund once service has been set up. The customer is responsible for maintaining correct delegations to our servers.


The pricing model is closely modeled on what it costs to do things. Services that are work intensive cost a lot to purchase. Fire-and-forget services have a set-up fee and then are relatively cheap per annum.


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